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5月10号挪威科技大学Børge Arntesen教授学术报告

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5月10号挪威科技大学Børge Arntesen教授学术报告


报告题目:Offshore time-lapse seismic monitoring of hydrocarbonproduction and CO2 sequestration


报告人:Børge ArntsenProfessor of GeophysicsNorwegian Institute of Science and Technology

            (挪威科技大学 地球物理学教授

报告时间:2017 年 5 月 10 日(星期三) 14:00-16:30



      Børge Arntsen focuses on understanding how seismic waves can be used to map thecrust and interior of the earth. He develops the techniques necessary for analyzingseismic data and applies these techniques to problems ranging from exploration ofoil and gas, geological sequestration of CO2, to the mapping of subduction zones.Børge Arntsen obtained his MSc of theoretical physics (1982) and PhD of physics(1991) at AVH, University of Trondheim. He has the following work experiences:

     1982-1989 Research Physicist, IKU Petroleum Research

     1989-1991 PhD stipendiate funded by the Royal Norwegian Council for Scientic and Industrial Research (NTNF)

     1991-2008 Staff Geophysicist, Statoil Research Centre

                    Project leader 1991-94: Seismic imaging

                    Project leader 1995-97: Seismic data quality

                    Geophysical Specialist 1998-2008

     1997-1998 Visiting scientist, OGS, Trieste

     2008--      Professor of Petroleum Geophysics, NTNU

      He was awarded Norwegian Geophysics Prize in 2016, Best Poster Paper Presentedat the 2013 Annual meeting of SEG, and Member of Norwegian Academy oftech nological Sciences. He is participating in the EU funded WAVES project andthe ROSE consortium funded by the Norwegian Research Council and 20 industrialpartners.




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