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5月8日东京大学Hisashi Utada教授学术报告

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5月8日东京大学Hisashi Utada教授学术报告


报告题目:Exploring the oceanic mantle by seafloor EM measurements
报告人:Hisashi Utada (University of Tokyo)


报告时间:2017 年 5 月 8日(星期一) 10:00—11:30  


报告人简介:     Hisashi Utada教授为东京大学地震研究所终身教授,主要研究方向是地球电磁理论和海洋电磁理论。Utada教授曾担任东京大学地震研究所海半球研究中心主任,日本地球科学联合会(JpGU)代表,JpGU固体地球科学部副主席,日本科学理事会地磁和高空物理委员会主任,IAGA日本首席代表,日本地磁学会(SGEPSS)主席,JAMSTEC深海研究巡航计划委员会主席等。在国际著名地球物理学杂志EPSL, JGR, GRL, PEPI等上发表过学术论文百余篇,在国际地磁和地球电磁领域享有盛誉。


报告简介:Electromagnetic (EM) method is one of geophysical methods to explore the Earth's interior. It provides how electrical conductivity distributes within the Earth, which helps understanding the Earth structure and internal dynamics. For instance, the lithosphere-asthenosphere system (LAS) of the oceanic mantle, which is one of the main topics of this talk, consists of two distinct layers of different mechanical property. To know the shape of the boundary, the contrast between two layers, lateral variations of the property, etc. is essential to understand how the system works. However, no geophysical method can image the mantle in terms of mechanical property such as viscosity with a meaningful resolution and therefore we apply other geophysical methods such as seismic and EM for imaging. Magnetotelluric (MT) method, one of EM exploration methods, was born in early 1950s and the importance of its application to deep seafloor was recognized at the very beginning (Cagniard, 1953). However, its practice needed some efforts to overcome technological difficulties, which will be summarized as a part of introduction to this talk. Then recent results of the Normal Oceanic Mantle (NOMan) project are also shown on two science topics: Studies on the LAS and its beyond, both based on seafloor EM measurements. 


邀请人:于鹏 教授  张罗磊  副教授