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Research Team

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The Laboratory now has 37 fixed positions, including 33 researchers (5 also acting as part-time administrators and 4 as part-time technicians), 3 technicians, 1 office clerk. About 70% of these fixed positions are younger than 45 years in age, and 76% hold a Ph.D. degree. The researchers are composed of 22 professors, 8 associate professors and 3 lecturers.

Several world-renowned scientists are team leaders of their own disciplinary areas, including Academian Professor Pinxian Wang and Academian Professor Zaitian Ma. The Laboratory also has the first national innovative marine scientific research group, with most key research fellows holding Ph.D. and having long-time overseas study and working experience. They include 2 “Cheung Kong Scholar” specially invited professors of the Ministry of Education and holders of National Outstanding Young Talent Foundation, 7 selected as Cross/New Century Talents by the Ministry of Education, and 2 awarded with the National 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertations.

The Laboratory now houses a post-doctoral station (marine science), a first level disciplinary Ph.D. program (marine science), a second level disciplinary Ph.D. program (solid geophysics), and 5 second level disciplinary Master program (marine geology, geophysics, mineral survey and exploration, Quaternary geology, and structural geology). Currently, there are 12 post-doctoral fellows, 32 Ph.D. students, and 51 M.Sc. students.

Academician of Chinese Academy of SciencesPinxian Wang, Zaitian Ma
National Science Fund for Distinguished Young ScholarsZhimin Jian
Professor of Cheung Kong Scholars ProgrammeZhimin Jian
Special Professorship of Tongji UniversityMeixun Zhao, Huaiyang Zhou, Zhimin Jian
Programs for Cross/New Century Excellent Talents in University of the Ministry of EducationZhimin Jian, Zuyi Zhou, Zhifei Liu, Jianhua Geng, Liangguo Dong, Huiping Xu, Shouye Yang
National 100 Excellent Doctoral DissertationsRujian Wang, Jun Tian
Shanghai Rising-Star ProgramZuyi Zhou, Zhimin Jian, Zhifei Liu, Shouye Yang, Jun Tian