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According to the Regulations of the Laboratory Open Fund Project Application , from now on, we will focus on accepting applications for Open Fund Project. Domestic and overseas scientists and technicians in Marine Sciences and Earth Sciences, whose research objectives are conformable to the main research fields of the State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology (hereinafter referred to as the Laboratory), can apply for the Laboratory Open Fund Project.


The number of projects to be funded in 2021 will be 5 to 10. Specific notice as follows

  1. Applicants can choose their own research topics within the current main research focuses of the Laboratory (visit the website of the Laboratory for details: http://mlab.tongji.edu.cn/). The Laboratory will only fund projects with innovative scientific significance, clear research objectives, and specific research plans.

  2. Applicants should read carefully the Regulations of the Laboratory Open Fund Project Application, and comply with laboratory rules and regulations, in strict accordance with the budget implementation

  3. Call for applications will be issued twice a year, the deadlines for submitting the applications are respectively June 30th and December 31th. Open Fund Project proposals will be preliminarily examined by the Laboratory, and then evaluated by the Academic Working Group, and finally assessed and approved by the Academic Committee. The funded project starts from the following month. All funded projects will have a two-year duration, with a total budget not exceeding 100,000 RMB. 


    Contact person: Ms. Zhaocy Zhang;  Email: 17666073@tongji.edu.cn;


    Regulationes for Laboratory Open Fund Project Application.pdf

      Open Project Proposal in English.doc