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Deep-sea Exploration Pavilion of MGLAB awarded the first prize of 2020 Shanghai Science Popularization Education Innovation Award (SSPEIA)

Time: 2020-12-11Views: 117

On Dec. 4th, 2020 SSPEIA presentation ceremony was convened in Shanghai. The project from Deep-sea Exploration Pavilion of the MGLAB, “Exploration of Deep Blue, Cognition of Deep-sea”, has won the first prize of 2020 SSPEIA (Organizations). Dr. Wei Huang as representative of the MGLAB attended the ceremony. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time for Tongji University to win the first prize.



Deep-sea Exploration Pavilion was founded on Nov. 29th, 2014. It occupies nearly 500 m2 and contains five functional parts: Discovery in the Ocean, Deep Sea Exploration, Deep to the Abyss, New Vision, and Reading the Deep Sea. With diverse modern technologies such as acousto-optic display technology, every exhibition could give visitors a new multi-touch interactive experience. Visitors can not only admire the submarine hydrothermal phantom emanating from the Black Chimney, many rare and enchanting creatures alive in the dark and deep sea, but also learn about the progresses of human exploration of the deep sea and the latest technologies and discoveries in the ocean.

Deep-sea  Exploration Pavilion has a strong scientific research background, supporting by the School of Ocean and Earth Science, MGLab and Tongji University. With the supports from Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Yangpu District Science and Technology Commission and Tongji University Science and Technology Department, we received over 150,000 domestic and international guests during the last five years.


In 2020, Deep-sea Exploration Pavilion more emphasizes “internet element” in science activities due to the outbreak of COVID-19. More than 13 activities such as “Online Science Camp”, “Deep Dive Scientists Sharing Session”, and “Face to Face, talk to the Master” have received positive feedbacks from the public. Last month, Academician Pinxian Wang (MGLab) was invited to attend CCTV’s China Economic Lecture Hall and gave a talk about deep sea science and technology on TV. Meanwhile, under the leadership of Pinxian Wang, the ocean science popularization team of Tongji University has opened account on Tik Tok, the most popular media among young generation. We are embracing new media and more approaches to spread deep-sea knowledge to the public.