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Professor Jian Lin was elected as 2020 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fellow

Time: 2020-11-25Views: 35

Recently, the American Geophysical Union (AGU) has announced the list of AGU Fellows elected in 2020. Professor Jian Lin, a member of State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology (MGLab) academic committee was elected to commend his outstanding contributions to marine science and seismology.

Jian Lin is an internationally renowned marine geophysicist who has made original and systematic contributions to global ocean tectonic evolution, marine geophysics, and seismology. He has led international cooperation and carried out a series of groundbreaking studies on the global mid-ocean ridges. His major achievements about three-dimensional mantle upwelling, a new type of plate boundary, and ocean detachment faults are one of the most important discoveries in the research area of global three-dimensional crust of mid-ocean ridges in the past decades. As a member of the academic committee of MGLab, Professor Jian Lin is a key person for the development of Oceanography and Marine Geophysics in Tongji University.



AGU fellow is one of the highest honors in the international earth and space science community. Since 1962, AGU has selected the most visionary and outstanding scientists in the field of earth and space scientific research to award AGU fellows each year in recognition of their pioneering work and outstanding contributions in their respective fields. The proportion of elected members each year is no more than one thousandth (< 0.1%) of the total number of AGU members worldwide. This year, a total of 62 people worldwide has been elected as AGU Fellows.