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The Launching Ceremony of book The 50 Years of Ocean Drilling

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The Launching Ceremony of book The 50 Years of Ocean Drilling

In order to review the achievements and lessons learned in the past 50 years of scientific ocean drilling, the IODP-China Office and the State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology (Tongji University) co-published a book entitled the 50 years of Ocean Drilling in Chinese language and hosted the launching ceremony at Shanghai on December 4, 2018. This book summarized the histories of the four phases of the scientific ocean drilling and the structures, the program organization, the drilling platforms, the core repositories, the development of the ocean drilling technology, and the key scientific findings on the evolution of climate and environment, geodynamics, lithosphere and deep structure, deep biosphere and deep ocean bottom.

The 50 years of Ocean Drilling (left) and the launching ceremony of the book (right)