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Exchange Meeting on Lab Safety and Technical Staff Development held by State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology

Time: 2021-06-07Views: 109

The State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology (MGLAB) held an exchange meeting on lab safety and technical staff development on May 21. More than 30 participants, including Jianhua Geng, Party chief of the School of Ocean and Earth Science, responsible professors of labs, technical staff, and administrative staff attended this meeting. The meeting was chaired by Shouye Yang, director of MGLAB.

Jianru Li and Qian Zhu reported the laboratory’s recent safety operations and plans to strengthen safety work, respectively. The participants warmly discussed and exchanged views on the problems in the lab safety, platform construction, lab management, technical staff positioning and career development. Party chief Jianhua Geng pointed out that laboratory safety should be our priority at any time; safety training should be strengthened, and safety rules and regulations should be strictly enforced; a year-end safety work performance in labs is recommended. In response to the difficulty in promotion of technical positions, he also pointed out that technical staff should focus more on the development of new methods and technologies, and pay more attention to self-development.

Afterwards, Director Shouye Yang encouraged technical staff to look far and aim high: initiatively carry out technology research and development; actively participate in interdisciplinary internal programs; visit advanced laboratories and participate in high-level conferences at home and abroad to improve research ability with the help of MGLAB.

The laboratory intends to provide more training for technical staff to apply for technical natural science funds programs, and to promote their professional development. At the end of the meeting, many constructive questions and suggestions were provided by technical staff, and a systemic inspection of the lab safety was carried out then.

Finally, the participants were invited to the Shanghai Astronomy Museum for further exchanges.